Miss Redmond's class page

Here are the handouts from Thursday March 27th's technology night:

Cool Websites - this was the handout from Miss Redmond's presentation 

Software - this is the handout from Mrs Robertson's presentation 

IPAD - this  is the handout from Mr. Toole's presentation

CoolWebsiteTakeHomeSheetTechNight.pub CoolWebsiteTakeHomeSheetTechNight.pub
Size : 571 Kb
Type : pub
SCDSBSoftwarTakeHomeSheetTechNight.pub SCDSBSoftwarTakeHomeSheetTechNight.pub
Size : 669.5 Kb
Type : pub
IPADAppTakeHomeSheetTechNight.pub IPADAppTakeHomeSheetTechNight.pub
Size : 574 Kb
Type : pub
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