Multiplication facts

**we should be practising our multiplication facts regularly.  In Grade 3, students were expected to know up to their 7X7 times table facts.  By the end of grade 4 they should know all their facts to 10X10.  We will practise our facts by doing 1 min math most days, however depending on your child, you may have to work on this with them at home. 
Parents and family members can help with this by playing multiplication games like multiplication snap with their children.  Encouraging them to practise their memorization of the facts to 11X11 will help them immensely in upcoming tasks.
By the end of grade 4 students need to know all of their multiplication facts off by heart.

If you are looking for a fun math game to play, then go on NLVM   The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives


Students have been 

Granny Prix - a race against grandmothers by completing math facts.  You can play independently or as a group (you have to chose private game and create a password - in order to invite others to race you)


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