Silver Birch

Silver Birch kickoff 2016 happened on Thursday January 14th!  The students are excited and so are we!  Silver Birch is a programme that is a part of the OLA Forest of Reading.  In many schools it is run as an extension, but fortunately here at Codrington, all of our students participate in some way, shape or form, from Kindergarten to Grade 8!  To learn more about the Forest of Reading, click here, or visit Mrs. Eisses in the library.


This is a list of the expectations for our Silver Birch unit, which runs from the beginning of January to the end of April.   

SilverBirch2016.doc SilverBirch2016.doc
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This document Mrs. Shipley prepared to share what the benefits of the Silver Birch programme are and why we participate in it. 

WhyWeDoTheSilverBirchProgramme_2013.docx WhyWeDoTheSilverBirchProgramme_2013.docx
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This is the non-fiction activity for Silver Birch.  The first and third columns must be completed BEFORE starting a non-fiction book of their choice.  They are to get their work initialed by a teacher before continuing.  

Questioning_2016.docx Questioning_2016.docx
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This is the journal I gave them so they can keep track of each of the books for voting.  Each journal space must be completed as they finish a book..

You can also use this as a list of what books are on the Silver Birch list this year.  Some previous titles have been added to give students even more choice.  Those titles are available from Mrs. Eisses.  

RedmondSilverBirch2016Journal.doc RedmondSilverBirch2016Journal.doc
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This is a copy of the "Think-Tac-Toe".  Each student is responsible for completing 3 activities before the end of the programme in April.  I would suggest trying to complete one per month.  The three activities may be completed on any Silver Birch book they choose.  Each book may only be used once - you need to do a different book for each chosen activity.  Also, please remember that you must choose 3 activities that make a line - horizontally, verticaaly, or diagonally.  Have fun!

ThinkTacToe_Redmond2016.docx ThinkTacToe_Redmond2016.docx
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Students may go to the Silver Birch website 

to see the list of books and what each one is about (website is - to get to main page)

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