Miss Redmond's class page

As our year progresses, you can find rubrics, examples, and due dates here for our language initiatives.  Please find the reading response schedule attached underneath this box. 

Debate Information:

Date of debate - 

Debate Topics 2016.docx Debate Topics 2016.docx
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Type : docx
DebateRubric.docx DebateRubric.docx
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 Response Recipe


     (i.e. Dear Miss Redmond)

     Say what you're reading and a summary (4-7 sentences)

     Text-Self (*bring it back to the book)

     Text-Text (it can be media text i.e. movies, books, magazines, tv shows, etc)


     Conclusion (comment on main idea, make predictions, discuss what the author did well, what you liked or didn't like)

Closing and Signature

Example Reading Responses 

This year's responses 

Previous years 

WolfReadingResponse_Oct2013.docx WolfReadingResponse_Oct2013.docx
Size : 14.122 Kb
Type : docx
StellalunaResponse2012.docx StellalunaResponse2012.docx
Size : 13.635 Kb
Type : docx
IraSaysGoodbye_response_Oct2011.doc IraSaysGoodbye_response_Oct2011.doc
Size : 24.5 Kb
Type : doc
MrLincolnsWay_readingResponse2010.doc MrLincolnsWay_readingResponse2010.doc
Size : 25 Kb
Type : doc
Sample ReadingResponse_Frederick.doc Sample ReadingResponse_Frederick.doc
Size : 26 Kb
Type : doc
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